Pepperoni, Peppers and Prosciutto Crackle


The three Ps!! Spicy Italian pepperoni with prosciutto crackle and one of your five a day: fresh bell peppers.

Another delicious pizza for meat lovers but with the delight of prosciutto crackle, think bacon but so much better!

Italian Tomatoes; Pepperoni; Bell PeppersProsciutto Ham Crackle; Provola Cheese, Mozzarella.

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All our pizzas are handmade in our kitchen using our own dough recipe.
Our dough is proved for a minimum 24 hours.
We use a mix of flour including Italian 00 flour, so our pizzas are not gluten free.
We create our own Italian inspired pizza recipes, using our handmade pizza dough as a plate to deliver a delicious combination of flavours. For this reason we don't add or take away ingredients.
If you have any specific dietary requirements or allergens that we need to know about, please add an additional note to your order.
We only use authentic Italian cheese so our menu isn't suitable for vegans, only vegetarians. We will create vegan pizzas soon.

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