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How To Order:

Click and Collect: choose your food from the menu below, add to your basket and pay. Tell us your pick up time on your order and we will confirm it with an ‘Order Complete’ email.


Come into our shop and order, make yourself at home whilst you wait for your food. We have created a 2 metre safety line 


Give us a ring on 01202 015610 and we can take your order, take payment and tell us when you want to pick up your food.

Starters & Sides

Garlic & Mozzarella Stromboli / 3.50

Mozzarella; Garlic Oil.


Italian Salami, Garlic & Mozzarella Stromboli / 4

Mozzarella; Garlic Oil; Salami.


Crispy Garlic Wheel / 4

Garlic Oil; Parsley; Mozzarella

Crispy Chilli Wheel / 4

Chilli Oil; Mozzarella

Italian Salad / 3 – 3.50

Rocket Salad, Confit Tomatoes, Proscuitto Crackle; Olive Oil.

Option of an added ingredient.



Chef’s Special:  Smoked Pancetta, Radicchio & Smoked Scamorza Cheese / 12

Tomato Sauce; Smoked Pancetta; Italian Radicchio; Scamorza Affumicata; Fresh Rocket

Classic Calzone/ 1o

Tomato Sauce; Ricotta; Salami; Italian Mozzarella; Basil; Pepper; Garlic & Parsley Oil.

Vegetariana Calzone/ 1o

Tomato Sauce; Ricotta; Italian Mozzarella; Peppers; Portobello Mushrooms; Chestnut Mushrooms; Basil; Garlic & Parsley Oil.

Spicy Calabrese / 12

NdujaPepperoni; Confit Tomato; Prosciutto; Provola; Mozzarella; Black Olives; Red Pepper.

Margherita / 8

Mozzarella; Basil; Tomato.

Quattro Formaggi / 12

Pecorino Rigatello; Mozzarella; Ricotta; Goats Cheese; Fresh Basil.

Olives, Capers & Anchovies / 10

Mozzarella; Red Onion; Italian TomatoesCapersAnchovies; Black OlivesConfit Tomatoes.

Prosciutto, Wilted Rocket & Pecorino / 12

Pecorino; Mozzarella; Prosciutto; Wilted RocketConfit Tomatoes.


Italian Tomato; Garlic Oil; Leeks; Chestnut Mushrooms; Portobello MushroomsWilted RocketConfit Tomatoes; Basil; Red Onion; Peppers. 

Pepperoni, Peppers & Prosciutto Crackle / 12

Italian Tomatoes; Pepperoni; PeppersProsciutto; ProvolaMozzarella.

Diavola / 12

Nduja; Jalapeño; Chilli Oil, Tomatoes; Provola; Mozzarella; Confit Tomatoes; Prosciutto; Black Olives.

Salami Napoli, Rocket & Pecorino/ 10

Pecorino; Mozzarella; Salami; Wilted Rocket; Confit Tomatoes; Fresh Basil.

Vegetariana / 10

Provolone; Mozzarella; Leek; Broccoli; Red Onion; Confit Tomatoes; Fresh Basil.

Bambini Margherita / 8.50

Our classic Margherita with one extra topping: Pepperoni; Salami; Proscuitto; Mushroom; Onion; Peppers; Confit Tomatoes; Italian Nduja; Goats Cheese.


Fudge & Ricotta Stromboli / 3.50

Fudge; Ricotta Cheese.

Nutella, Ricotta & Banana Stromboli / 4

Nutella; Ricotta Cheese; Banana.

Morello Cherry & Ricotta Stromboli / 3.50

Morello Cherry Preserve; Ricotta Cheese.

Sicilian Lemon & Ricotta Stromboli / 3.50

Sicilian Lemon Preserve; Italian Ricotta Cheese.

Madagascan Vanilla Gelato / 3


Sea Salted Caramel Gelato / 3


Dark Chocolate Sorbetto / 3


Raspberry Sorbetto / 3


Spicy Calabrese

Nduja is a fiery Italian salami from Calabria, Italy – hence the name Calabrese pizza!

Pizza Baracca
Pizza Baracca

Hackney Gelato

Stunning British artisan Gelato & Sorbettos in a 135ml tub with spoon. Delicious favours such as Sea Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Chocolate & Vanila. 

Sicilian Lemon & Ricotta Stromboli

Our strombolis are packed full of delicious sweetness. They make a great dessert or just as a snack. Enjoy!

lemon stromboli

We Can’t Wait to Feed You!

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